- QUOTE OF THE DAY: Today's quote is a long passage from a blog written by Ronnie Teasdale...a coach at CrossFit MeanStreets in L.A. (That's Los Angeles...not Lower Alabama). No need to explain. READ IT! 

"Me realizing that cheaters exist in CrossFit made me realize that there might be people in my own gym 'miscounting' their own scores. I cannot be so naive to believe that every one of my clients is honest all of the time. 

So I want to address this. And let all of you know the importance of being honest with yourself. Especially in situations that are very hard to be. Situations that you face almost every time you are in CrossFit Mean Streets. [OR Hybrid Crossfit :)]

The 'magic' of the WOD happens not when you finish, but in those final moments when you are in a territory you have never been in. You know this because you might barely be able to stand, or breath, or keep your food down,….You might be faced with putting a barbell over your head that you are barely holding on your shoulders. It is in these situations that you don’t know,… and…against all other wishes your body may have: you keep going. You gather all the strength you have, both physically and mentally. You might think back to a time you were strong to get you through this current dilemma. You might take a second  to tighten up every rep,… Whatever it is, and however it plays out you get  through it,… you were in a place you have never been before,… and you push through it. You gained access to that territory. You got your 4 min Fran, or you climbed the rope with no feet all the way to the ceiling, or you got 400 reps on  Fight Gone Bad…. Whatever it is,… it’s yours. 

On a small and large scale you are experiencing new territories like this every day…and to take that away from yourself by for instance: counting that last pullup that really shouldn’t have counted, or doing 19 reps when you should of done 21 is blocking this magic from happening.

So remember this. When the pain is so much you cannot bear ,…do not succumb to thinking that shortcuts don’t really matter. You are missing out on everything if you complete 98% of the workout. It’s that last 2% that makes you great….. and I want you to be great."

AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!! Thanks, Coach Andrew, for sharing this. Read the whole blog at: 
...You asked for it, you got it...
Tire flips...sledge hammers...sleds...OH MY!

03/15/2012 10:42

Yay!!!! let's get dirty today! Haven't flipped tires since last year! It's gonna be fun times for sure!


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